Good Samaritans help after Lake Orion woman’s fall

When coming out of my doctor’s office on Feb. 2., out of the CAVA building on Woodward, I had to use the curb on the median in the parking lot to reach my car because there was a car parked in the crosswalk.

In the process, I had to cross over a small hill, which was snow-covered, and I fell. Two good Samaritans came to my rescue and helped me up. One of the ladies walked me to my car and told me to sit awhile before taking off to make sure I was okay.

As I sat there, the woman came back to my car to tell me who owned the car in the pathway. She informed me that she told this man that he was illegally parked in the crosswalk and that I fell due to his car being there.

The person, Geoffrey Fieger, didn’t ask if I was okay but just shrugged and took off in his car. This person, Geoffrey Fieger, the lawyer who defends personal injuries.

My daughter called his office later this same day and spoke with Geoffrey. He totally denied being parked illegally and also denied that there was snow on the ground.

Mr. Fieger has no remorse to the matter and no feeling or concern.

Pat Stoner-Lauer

Lake Orion


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