Don’t ask to share my popcorn!

Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to Don Rush’s column, “Icky-poo! Yuckies on grocery carts,” in the Aug. 16, 2017 issue of The Lake Orion Review.

To Don Rush of Don’t Rush Me fame:

Yes, we are a nation of slobs, pigs, and societal dirt bags and cretins. We have abandoned manners in hygiene.

The salad bars in restaurants have become a feeding trough for these undisciplined scavengers as they pick and choose through the various items. And some of these slobs are double dippers!

I saw a guy the other day in a wheelchair positioning himself in front of the olive exhibit at a local grocery store and wheeling himself down the line as he sampled all the olives. I was tempted to say something but people like that are clueless when it comes to societal hygiene, and thus I remained silent.

And of course the buffet line at a wedding always brings out the uncouth cretins who sometimes taste an item before placing it on their plate and then returning the item to the warming tray when they decide it is not to their liking.

And how about the sample bowls in various grocery stores where you can dip into a sauce with a cracker? I never succumb to the temptation because I’ve watched people double dip, which, as has been said on a Seinfeld episode, is like “putting your whole mouth in the dip!”

Is there an answer for all this piggish behavior?

Maybe we should create a citizen-enforced ticket wherein we as neat nicks give these repugnant chow hounds a notice with a list of how to properly dine in public and couple that with an eating manners book.

By the way, Don, don’t ask me to share my buttered popcorn with you at the movies!

Bill Kalmar

Lake Orion resident


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