Celebrating Eddie Bird

A Celebration of Eddie Bird’s life will take place August 27. A potluck luncheon will be held at Stony Lake Park in Oxford starting at 1 p.m. Family and friends will meet under the Brabb pavilion to reminisce and share their stories about Eddie.

Eddie Bird, one of Lake Orion’s oldest residents and quite possibly the oldest, passed away January 22, 2017 at 109 years of age. He was born Mark Edward Bird on June 14, 1907 but most knew him simply as Eddie.

Eddie was a long-time Lake Orion resident. He moved to Lake Orion from Oxford in 1940. He used to ride his three-wheeled bike up to the Lake Orion Burger King everyday, even at 100 years old. He would order a Junior Whopper Meal, eat half of it there and take the rest home for dinner. He retired from GM in 1975, having worked for the automobile giant since before World War II ended. He lived through two world wars, the Great Depression, the ups and downs of life — his wife Catherine died in 1993. Through it all, or maybe in spite of it, Eddie laughed a lot.

Stony Lake Park is at 1397 Lapeer Road in Oxford Township.

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