Resident supporting Shults

I am voting for Penny Shults for Orion Township Clerk. Penny works hard for the community and runs the elections very efficiently. I watch her represent the community at every board meeting and she always takes a stand for what is right. Penny is kind to the people and listens to what we have to […]

Supporting sinking fund

I am writing to state my 100% support of the Lake Orion Community Schools Building and Site sinking fund proposal on August 2nd. This proposal will ask voters to approve a 2 mil increase per year over the next 10 years to make necessary building and facility repairs to preserve the integrity and function of […]

Resident supports Reilly

This year’s election has many consequences. For too many years we as a State and a Nation have been moving in the wrong direction. Our Politicians say one thing and do another both in Lansing and in Washington D.C. The size and cost of government continues to increase. We need politicians that will stand up […]

This resident says No Stinking Fund

When is enough enough? Last year I paid $1,789 just for schools, and that $1,789 did not even include what is called ‘operate’, whatever that means. The $1,789 was 78% of my total Summer Tax bill. Businesses and non-residents pay a whopping 18 mils for ‘operate’ which, if I had to pay would have added […]

Resident is voting no on 10-year Sinking Fund

Many of us in this community have faithfully supported the Lake Orion School District with our tax dollars for many years. Now that we are living on fixed incomes, the prospect is that we might be forced out of our homes and businesses because of rising taxes. Those of us that are now grandparents would […]

Enough is enough

In the upcoming August 2nd Primary Election I will be voting for candidate John Reilly to be our next 46th District representative in the Michigan House. John Reilly has stood steadfast against Common Core and its UN-Constitutional federalization of our children’s education. Common Core removes parental, local school district and state oversight over the children’s […]

Jenn Zielinski will get this resident’s vote

My name is Greg Cole. Teaching math at Lake Orion High School for thirty years has allowed me the good fortune to work with a large number of Orion families. We all know the value of trust. This is why I support Jenn Zielinski for township clerk. Years ago, Jenn was a geometry student of […]

Boaters need to follow rules

I have been a Lake Orion lake shore resident and boater for over 50 years. Also, I have a good view of the lake from my easy chair. At night I have observed an increasing number of boats which do not have all of the required navigational lights visible, particularly the white stern lights which […]

Enough is enough

Let’s get these assault weapons off the street, except for law enforcement and military. Obama and Democrats have been trying for years to get them off the streets, but the G.O.P. leadership has blocked it. The blood of victims is on their hands. The G.O.P. works for the voters, not the N.R.A. I owe them […]