Babes on Broadway raises $5,000 for Grace Centers of Hope

Babes on Broadway raises $5,000 for Grace Centers of Hope

By Jim Newell Review Editor A little shopping, a lot of socializing, heaps of money raised for charity. The ladies flocked to downtown Lake Orion on Thursday for the Babes on Broadway shopping extravaganza, touring local businesses and restaurants and raising $5,000 for Grace Centers of Hope. Simply Marcella’s, a ladies’ fashion boutique on Broadway […]

My concerns on the LOCS bond proposal

For the past month-and-a-half, many have sparred with each other on this LOCS proposal; only addressing finances. This is absolutely understandable. However, it has come to my attention that no one has thought of the practicalities. Let’s take the biggest project on the list: reconstructing Blanche-Sims. I assume/suggest this project be done during summer break. […]

Bond proposal critical to schools, programs, property values

The Lake Orion Community Schools Bond Proposal is critical to all residents of the community. This Bond Proposal not only helps our schools, it helps the entire community and every property owner. If this bond fails, we will see a decline in our schools and our property values. It is a fact that higher functioning […]

Lake Orion is asking too much from its citizens lately

If Lake Orion wants a Marijuana facility, why don’t they take care of our school debt. I am voting No on all proposals. More homes are being built in our area, they contribute more taxes. I believe our government has been wasting precious tax payers dollars. Think before you spend. Homeowner for 44 years. We […]