Locals chime in on the economy

Blessed with only a caveman’s grasp on any situation, I was once again amazed by the power of the community press. The other week I opined on the local economy. In a nutshell, I wrote: ‘Rugged individualism. Entrepreneurial spirit of thems in Michigan 100 years ago put us on the world’s map. Have we too […]

Of this and that (or not much at all)

I found it interesting to listen in on some of the discourse between United States Supreme Court Justices and solicitors for the government and the 20-odd states against what is now a ‘good? term, Obamacare. While the justices already know the outcome of the court’s decision — partially or totally, Constitutional or not — we […]

Young Master Shamus forgets to brush his teeth, but . . .

I keep being told by all the smart people that young people don’t read newspapers anymore. I guess if it ain’t electronic and entertainment driven it ain’t worth the paper it’s printed on — and since I always believe what I am told by the smart people, I guess it’s okay for me to be […]

My Space

Hey folks — check out Rush on that darned My Space thingy . . . myspace.com/dontrushmedon


Now that Walter Elias Disney’s influence on the multi-faceted corporation that bears his name is finally waning (Walt died in December, 1966), I think I have a new Disney movie plot. My movie would be called That Damn Cat! Of course, my movie would not be like one of Walt’s last, That Darn Cat! which […]

Thank you, sir

He is so young. That was what my mind contemplated just before I shook the soldier’s hand. In that nanosecond before our hands touched I didn’t really know what to say — the young man in front of me was a stranger. The people surrounding him in the park’s pavilion were his family and friends. […]

Irish Jokes

March is a time when folks start to think spring in Michigan may actually arrive. It’s also a time car dealerships and furniture stores have Irish-themed sales. There’s still snow on the ground. The air is still cold and, wouldn’t you know it, St. Patrick’s Day is here. To help all you of non-Irish descent […]


Niagara Falls, Ontario. Whoopee! Boy there’s a lot going on in that town — a lot more than I remembered. Of course the last time your humble scribe visited said water attraction, he was with a group of smart-alec ninth graders from Sashabaw Junior High School — and that my friends was, as ancient Native […]

Larry Drum: Let My Son Come Home

This article was first published in October of 2005 (Part of a Series) For one man the trip to Lake Orion, Michigan, from Lake Orion has been a long one. The road Larry K Drum has taken has been hard, winding and uphill. Drum, an Eagle Scout, graduate of Lake Orion High School, member of […]

The Wonderful World of DEET

Just like the weather in Michigan, clothes styles and the way folks wear their hair, I have come to believe all things change. Nothing of this earth is stoic, static or simply stuck in one place. What threw me over the edge and to my revelation was a recent trip to the store. One of […]